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The air transport industry (ATI) is becoming increasingly reliant on wireless connectivity solutions. To support this, SITA provides airports and airlines with a range of secure and managed global connectivity and applications to improve ground processes and keep you connected.


يعدّ توفير إمكانية اتصالات سلسة أمرًا حيويًا لتنفيذ المهام في بيئة التشغيل وكذلك بيئة الشركة. SITA Wireless is tailored to your application requirements, aircraft and staff needs. It offers seamless global coverage, including cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity from a single offering.

Integrated application enablement

With several decades of experience providing systems to the ATI, SITA is ideally placed to enable the integration and management of mobile applications. SITA is the only provider in the market that combines industry knowledge with application experience and end-to-end mobility and wireless expertise.

فوائد الاستخدام

The SITA Wireless portfolio enables airport-based staff to access business-critical information in real-time. The move from paper to digital allows them to focus on their main job, reducing admin time. This helps them to deliver a better passenger service and makes ground-based operations smoother and more efficient.

It facilitates workforce collaboration and communication across siloed workgroups by enhancing the information flow and minimizing disruption. This agile way of working means it's simpler to make the right decision, in good time, every time.

SITA Wireless will help you to improve your operational performance and cost management through instant access to operational data. You will also improve asset tracking as the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity tracks equipment.


  • Global, business-grade cellular coverage across over 200 countries and territories
  • Cellular solutions built with the ATI's need for reliability and performance in mind
  • ATI-specific airport Wi-Fi services
  • A single end-to-end solution or the option of specific managed components
  • Professional/land mobile radio for airports upgrading or refreshing their radio systems

SITA currently provides wireless connectivity to over 30000 mobile devices for customers worldwide.


These devices are used in business-critical environments, supporting applications such as electronic flight bag (EFB), cabin crew and ground processes. ​

لماذا تختارنا؟

Only SITA provides end-to-end wireless connectivity that is globally supported and integrated into the ATI’s existing IT infrastructure. We provide this service across 200 countries and territories, covering 96% of the world air market. SITA partners with mobile operators offering over 500 roaming agreements, ensuring our prices are locally competitive.

We manage mobile connectivity and manage and operate radio systems in airports across the world. Our end-to-end management provides a flexible approach, minimizing handoff and support issues. We will also integrate single mobile elements as part of an overall solution, such as rolling out devices you have already sourced. We ensure close integration with other ATI applications and offer field service on-site at the airport.

Our Wi-Fi solutions cover operational airport areas and ensure application performance through business-grade availability and bandwidth.

SITA Global Services

يدعم هذا المنتج فريق مخصص للعمليات متعدد اللغات. يقدم خدمات الرصد والدعم على مدار الساعة طوال أيام الأسبوع طوال أيام السنة من مراكز القيادة في مونتريال وسنغافورة. وبهذا يضمن استمرارية العمل على مستوى العالم عبر نموذج خدمة مرن. تضمن خدمات المراقبة أيضًا أن تظل أنظمة تكنولوجيا المعلومات لديك موثوقة ومتاحة على مدار الساعة في أي مكان حول العالم.

ويتولى خبراؤنا عملية الرصد الاستباقية للبنية التحتية لديك، بهدف تحديد المشكلات وحلها دائمًا قبل أن تضر بخدماتك.

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