Baggage tracking - four implementation strategies

Baggage tracking - four implementation strategies

Each airline’s way of implementing baggage tracking to comply with IATA Resolution 753 will be unique and will vary according to the airline’s strategy on hubs, networks and partnerships. IATA has identified four common airline implementation strategies, each operationally-based.

If you are with an airline starting to plan implementation, read our paper to consider the various implementation models that are emerging:

  • Hub focus
  • Location focus
  • Hub and network
  • Airport-driven

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تقرير الأمتعة 2018
الاستبيانات والتقارير
2018 is a real turning point for the industry as airlines and airports begin to unlock the value of the tracking data for the 4٫65 billion bags they carry. Over the next two years, services like real-time notifications and fast self-service bag drop are set to become commonplace. - 7٫14 ميجا بايت

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Baggage Management
تتبع الحقائب وإدارة شئونها بدءًا من التسجيل حتى الوجهة النهائية، التزامًا بالقرار رقم 753
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