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Member recognition and news, as well as highlights of the latest technologies and trends set to take air travel into a new digital age. 

Aeroflot - leading the way to digitization

Aeroflot has been a SITA member for 60 years. Today the airline is a leading user of digital technology. Its focus is to drive operational efficiencies, create a seamless passenger journey and ensure strong collaboration. The airline’s CIO, Kirill Bogdanov, explains.

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Accelerating digital transformation

Both airlines and airports are upping their spend to deliver on their digital ambitions. So says SITA’s latest Air Transport IT Insights survey. Cloud, cybersecurity and business intelligence take top spots for IT investment. We’re seeing clear alignment on future IT directions in air transport.

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2025 and the digital age of travel

Air travel is transforming itself, digitally. By 2025, two thirds of people will have grown up in the digital world. They’ll expect streamlined, personalized and integrated travel. The industry is preparing to deliver. In a recent report, we home in on the changes.

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5 insights from aviation IT leaders

Better operational intelligence for ontime performance and turnaround was one of five clear messages voiced by air transport IT leaders and specialists at SITA's Innovation Forum earlier this year. Just as critical is collaboration around data. We look at the insights captured.

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New SITA initiative to further explore Blockchain

SITA’s Aviation Blockchain Sandbox is evolving into a new forum. The move comes on the back of the rapid evolution of blockchain and Smart contract technology. The initiative will promote development of blockchain-based
applications, increase the ‘network effect’, and contribute to and define standards for the air transport industry.

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Community innovation and developments in 2019

Through 2019, SITA continued to coinnovate with the air transport community. Multiple pilots, trials, proofs-of-concept and early implementations took place. Co-innovations include projects for identity management and biometrics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain, the Internet of Things, mixed reality and more.

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Membership anniversary awards

Once again, in the months ahead, we’ll be marking the anniversaries of a range of air transport companies as Members of SITA. We start the celebrations here.

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SITA’s CSR initiatives gain recognition

Two award programs have recognized SITA’s commitment to CSR, including initiatives to provide education and ICT to young people in Africa.

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SITA Council Awards 2019

SITA Council Awards recognize the work of SITA staff in customer support and innovation.

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Welcome to new members

A warm welcome to 30 companies that have become SITA Members in recent months.

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