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شراكة لتوفير خدمات متطورة للأمن السيبراني في قطاع النقل الجوي

Airbus CyberSecurity is a specialist in cybersecurity, with the mission and experience of protecting governments, militaries, enterprise organizations and critical national infrastructure from cyber threats. With over 700 experts operating across France, Germany and the UK, each with a Security Operations Center (SOC), Airbus CyberSecurity also operates in the US and the Middle East.

Airbus CyberSecurity provides a global cyber defense approach that dynamically aims to protect, detect and respond to cyber threats with a portfolio including managed security services, industrial control system offerings, encryption, key management and consultancy services.

Together, SITA and Airbus have created the industry’s first dedicated Aviation SOC to provide airlines, airports and other air transport industry stakeholders with the monitoring of unusual cyber activity that may impact business continuity. With worldwide capabilities, this new incident detection service offers appropriate containment and remedial action ensuring that a company’s digital assets are safe from attack.

The partnership combines SITA’s aviation industry expertise and Airbus’s leadership in advanced cybersecurity services to address the ever-increasing need to tackle cyber threats in the air transport industry.

Air transport is part of the Airbus DNA, so it was only natural that we joined forces with SITA to adapt our innovative cyber security solutions to this service area. Our joint solution combines real-time monitoring services for networks dedicated to air transport and incident response services.

Markus Braendle, Head of Airbus CyberSecurity
مركز عمليات الأمن السيبراني - تصميم أم شراء؟

مركز عمليات الأمن السيبراني - تصميم أم شراء؟

قم بجولة افتراضية مع مرشدين في مركز العمليات الأمنية في قطاع الطيران التابع لشركة SITA، ذلك المركز الذي تأسس بالشراكة مع شركة إيرباص.
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تظافرت جهود شركتي Airbusو SITA لتوفير خدمات أمنية متطورة لقطاع المطارات

تظافرت جهود شركتي Airbusو SITA لتوفير خدمات أمنية متطورة لقطاع المطارات

ستزوّد هذه الخدمات الجديدة للكشف عن الحوادث شركات الطيران والمطارات وأصحاب المصلحة في قطاع النقل الجوي بالمعلومات حول الأنشطة السيبرانية غير المعتادة التي ربما تؤثر على أعمالهم.
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